Tony O

                     TONY O

© 1990 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Detectiverse
 By Mickey Ray - Pfleger

Tony O was no weakling; he had not an inkling
Of conscience that any could speak of.
He’d could kill with impunity, then get off with immunity
As a witness, he shared a unique love

With the courts - as it were, he'd gladly defer
And rat on more than one villain.
“Nothin’ to it!” he made off, “It’s only a trade off!
And what’s more I’m perfectly willin’

“To sell dope to your kid by the pound or the lid
Or to steal from your dear gray haired mother.
I’ll take, with serenity, your sister’s virginity
And probably not even bother

“To untie her later. Are you beginning to hate, or
Are you thinking that this just can’t be?
Take a walk in the park, or anyplace dark
And here’s what you’re likely to see.

“A well dressed young man, got a suit and a tan
With a patter and smile to melt butter.
Your defenses forsaken, you make one mistake ’n
That’s the end of you, brother!”

Said Staff Sergeant Mitchell, “That son of a bitch’ll,
Be sorry he got on my case!
He’s getting away with more every day
Let’s stop talking and cut to the chase.

“We must get him in prison and stop his existing
Embarrassing rampage of crime
If the courts just won't help, I’ll do it myself
And in very short order of time!”

Mitchell set up the sting, a remarkable thing.
A temptation to strong to resist.
For though hardly needy, Tony O was so greedy
And a big score was high on his list.

It was a bloody affair when Tony appeared
That late afternoon on the scene.
He was told not to run, but he pulled out a gun,
Twixt his eyes, he was shot in between.

His career aborted; it was certain no court would
Get Tony O out of this jam.
Our Staff Sergeant Mitchell said, “Now, it’s official!”
He had finally gotten his man.

About mickeyray

Openly gay, actor, singer, writer and artist.
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