© 1990 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Detectiverse
by Mickey Ray - Pfleger

Mr. Muscher, the butcher, whooped up and down,
“Where’s the cow that I recently slaughtered?
Mrs. Klein, I can’t give her the steaks or the liver
Or anything else that she’s ordered!

She also had dibs on a roast and some ribs,
Where are they?” he asked his assistant.
“If stolen they be, don’t look at me!”
Of his innocence he was persistent.

Mr. Muscher kept yelling, his glands, they kept swelling
Yet he cried ‘till he had no more voice.
“I took not a sliver,” said the boy, “of the liver.
Nor the steaks, prime cut or choice.

But the hoarseness of you has given a clue
Before this case has begun.
Take a look with some pity at yonder most kitty
At least, the cat’s got your tongue!

About mickeyray

Openly gay, actor, singer, writer and artist.
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