Old Virginia

By Mickey Ray ~ Pfleger

She's old, Virginia is...

The harassing hairbrush reminds her
In swirls of gray and mousy brown clumps
That needs removing with a fine tooth comb.

"Ginger," whine the cracked and lonely
Voices of her enforced companions
Drawing her away from the mirror's
Reflection of moles with tiny sprouts 'neath
Her Ginny, chin chin.

The tedious crones who live
With her in a Government nursingcomplex
Cling to her like oil based paint
On worried finger nails.

Where is the thinner to dissolve
The reminder of their annoying existence?

"Our friends are dropping like flies!"
A shrill and unwanted distraction says too loudly.
Camphor and cookies
Cyanide and sarsaparilla, Virginia wonders.

The former government gardener
Was a sweet young thing whose
Conversations were gentle and informing
And included not one reference to her aging or infirmities.
And oh, he knew so much about pest control!

She's old, Virginia is,
But every once in a while
She smiles brightly and looks a whole lot younger.

About mickeyray

Openly gay, actor, singer, writer and artist.
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