Pen Pal

By Mickey Ray - Pfleger

The pen's nib tapped upon her tongue
From her ink well, she began to write,
Scalding innuendoes with searing words and bite.
Lies, all foul and ugly, of her neighbors
Whom she hated
She posted each and every one
Then merely sat and waited.

They read her nasty letters
Disregarding, all but one...
The neighbor truly guilty of all she said he’d done.
Instead of showing anger
He presented her a gift
New pen, ink and paper, to show he wasn’t miffed.

The nib, again, touched to her tongue
To thank her new friend, readily.
She died before she finished it
Her gift of ink was deadly.

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The Romantic

By Mickey Ray
© 1990 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Detectiverse

It’s not a question of right or wrong
It simply must be done
To boldly state my love to her
Who faint heart n’er has won.
I’ll woo her with sweet, tender words
And thrill to hear her sighs.
The choice is hers alone to make
She marries me, …or dies.

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Going to Kansas City, MO!

October 14, 2011, I’m going to Kansas City, MO, where I lived with my life-partner, Drew Shafer, for 21 years, from September 1, 1968 until he passed away September 30,1989.

On Saturday, the 15, GLAMA is celebrating Gay Pride and has invited me to speak of Drew and his work in the early days of Gay Civil Liberties!

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Old Virginia

By Mickey Ray ~ Pfleger

She's old, Virginia is...

The harassing hairbrush reminds her
In swirls of gray and mousy brown clumps
That needs removing with a fine tooth comb.

"Ginger," whine the cracked and lonely
Voices of her enforced companions
Drawing her away from the mirror's
Reflection of moles with tiny sprouts 'neath
Her Ginny, chin chin.

The tedious crones who live
With her in a Government nursingcomplex
Cling to her like oil based paint
On worried finger nails.

Where is the thinner to dissolve
The reminder of their annoying existence?

"Our friends are dropping like flies!"
A shrill and unwanted distraction says too loudly.
Camphor and cookies
Cyanide and sarsaparilla, Virginia wonders.

The former government gardener
Was a sweet young thing whose
Conversations were gentle and informing
And included not one reference to her aging or infirmities.
And oh, he knew so much about pest control!

She's old, Virginia is,
But every once in a while
She smiles brightly and looks a whole lot younger.
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© 1990 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Detectiverse
by Mickey Ray - Pfleger

Mr. Muscher, the butcher, whooped up and down,
“Where’s the cow that I recently slaughtered?
Mrs. Klein, I can’t give her the steaks or the liver
Or anything else that she’s ordered!

She also had dibs on a roast and some ribs,
Where are they?” he asked his assistant.
“If stolen they be, don’t look at me!”
Of his innocence he was persistent.

Mr. Muscher kept yelling, his glands, they kept swelling
Yet he cried ‘till he had no more voice.
“I took not a sliver,” said the boy, “of the liver.
Nor the steaks, prime cut or choice.

But the hoarseness of you has given a clue
Before this case has begun.
Take a look with some pity at yonder most kitty
At least, the cat’s got your tongue!
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Tony O

                     TONY O

© 1990 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Detectiverse
 By Mickey Ray - Pfleger

Tony O was no weakling; he had not an inkling
Of conscience that any could speak of.
He’d could kill with impunity, then get off with immunity
As a witness, he shared a unique love

With the courts - as it were, he'd gladly defer
And rat on more than one villain.
“Nothin’ to it!” he made off, “It’s only a trade off!
And what’s more I’m perfectly willin’

“To sell dope to your kid by the pound or the lid
Or to steal from your dear gray haired mother.
I’ll take, with serenity, your sister’s virginity
And probably not even bother

“To untie her later. Are you beginning to hate, or
Are you thinking that this just can’t be?
Take a walk in the park, or anyplace dark
And here’s what you’re likely to see.

“A well dressed young man, got a suit and a tan
With a patter and smile to melt butter.
Your defenses forsaken, you make one mistake ’n
That’s the end of you, brother!”

Said Staff Sergeant Mitchell, “That son of a bitch’ll,
Be sorry he got on my case!
He’s getting away with more every day
Let’s stop talking and cut to the chase.

“We must get him in prison and stop his existing
Embarrassing rampage of crime
If the courts just won't help, I’ll do it myself
And in very short order of time!”

Mitchell set up the sting, a remarkable thing.
A temptation to strong to resist.
For though hardly needy, Tony O was so greedy
And a big score was high on his list.

It was a bloody affair when Tony appeared
That late afternoon on the scene.
He was told not to run, but he pulled out a gun,
Twixt his eyes, he was shot in between.

His career aborted; it was certain no court would
Get Tony O out of this jam.
Our Staff Sergeant Mitchell said, “Now, it’s official!”
He had finally gotten his man.
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Detective Toad


 By Mickey Ray 

Detective Toad was berated by

A screeching Mrs. Fly.

His work was hardly up to par

And she would tell him why!

A week went by, he couldn’t find

Her sugar lump so sweet.

(A human used it in his coffee)

She had nothing left to eat.

He couldn’t dispute her valid points

And in mock capitulation,

He kissed her with his toady tongue;

A sticky situation.

And as he ate poor Mrs. Fly

For only being vexed,

He grinned a very toady grin

And queried out, “Who’s next?”

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